What happens during a typical weekend?

Typically, during a two day weekend, several families will be assigned dinner and bar duty and we’ll have a club dinner usually on Saturday night. Everyone is invited, and if you have guests they are invited also… just RSVP to the host family prior to the event. The club bar is open so please support the club and don’t bring your own refreshments. On Sunday morning we will probably have a “garbage breakfast.”

Everyone brings whatever they have and we make one big batch of scrambled eggs with whatever. Typically people bring up eggs or milk or sausage or onions or cheeses or peppers or fruit or bread or whatever they want. The idea is that everyone brings something, so no one has to bring everything.

Sometimes someone will get ambitious and make pancakes. You can bring your own refreshments to this event. On three-day weekends one night is the club dinner and the other night will be BYO. On BYO night everyone brings up whatever they want for dinner. We light up the BBQ that everyone can use. Sometimes there’s a community salad, sometimes people bring other goodies (like hors d’oeuvres or dessert)… it’s a pretty loose event. You’re welcome to bring your own refreshments. Everyone contributes $2 – $5 to the club kitty to cover the cost of fuel.

How do I get a mooring?

The club doesn’t own any moorings, but there are several members of the club that do own moorings. The Rear Commodore does his best to match up people who have moorings with those who need moorings. As you can imagine this is a tough job. We are almost always able to match up people and moorings, but there is no guarantee. You need to call the Rear Commodore no later then the Tuesday prior to an event starting on Friday, and you’ll get your assignment on Thursday. You have to pay the harbormaster the usual fee. Please keep your receipts, as sometimes there is some confusion on the part of the harbormaster’s office.

What’s the policy regarding kids at events?

Kids are invited to all events (except the membership meeting in November) and are encouraged to participate and join in the fun.

What happens on long cruise?

The Fleet Captain is in charge of organizing long cruise. Typically it starts on a Saturday and ends during a weekend over at the hill. It is usually the middle of August. Usually we go north to the northern Channel Islands (Santa Barbara, Santa Rosa etc.) one year and then south to San Diego the next year. The Fleet Captain sets up a route and makes reservations with the various yacht clubs or harbors.

Everyone is responsible for his or her own fuel, food, etc. The pace is set so that both sail boaters and power boaters can join in. Typically you’re traveling during the day or free to sight see. Most evenings there’s a cocktail party or group dinner. It’s a really wonderful way to relax, enjoy your boat and get to know more members of the club.

How is the club calendar developed?

In January the Staff meets and plans a schedule for the year. Prior to setting the schedule a list is sent to everyone to encourage each member to volunteer for what they’d like to do. Everyone pitches in, because if a club member doesn’t do it then it doesn’t get done. If you’d like to do something just contact the commodore and volunteer. Everyone is assigned some job during the year.

What are my responsibilities if I have dinner duty?

The group that has dinner is responsible for planning the meal, shopping, getting the food up the hill, preparing the meal, decorating, cleaning up, sending out the flyers and taking reservations. That’s why we have two or three families assigned to each dinner so it’s not so overwhelming for just one family. Club dinners are usually around $10 – $12 for adults and $5 – $7 for kids. We definitely want to break-even on all club dinners, and it’s always nice to make a little profit.

What are my responsibilities if I have bar duty?

Assisting members in pouring their favorite drink. The bar steward will make sure there is enough refreshments and ice. The bar steward’s job is another hard one since they have to haul so much up the hill — any help is greatly appreciated. So, your basic job is to make drinks and have a good time.

What do I do if I don’t get a flyer for an upcoming event?

The calendar that’s set in January usually happens as planned. Flyers for upcoming events are usually mailed right before the event. If it’s a week before the event and you haven’t received a flyer contact the event organizer or the webmaster for details.


Please review these frequently asked questions. If you still have questions, please:

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